Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day Five: Saturday 5th December 2009

Whoop! Caught up with my days now :D (and watched three episodes of criminal minds at the same time). So yesterday me and my classmates figured that my diet is absolutely terrible. In a matter of moths I've gone from eating a relatively healthy but not fab diet to eating utter rubbish!!!!
Example of a days food:

2 pieces of white cheap bread with spread
2/3 weetabix with sugar and semi skimmed milk
= around 400 calories

2 chocolate bars
187 + 240 = 427

2 cheese sandwiches, 4 slices of bread and cheese
= around 450 calories
Kit kat
=107 calories

packet of crisps , chocolate bar
240 + 504

Tea time:
A pizza, chocolate bar
850 + 205

3/4 cups of decaf coffee with milk

total for the day
850+205+ 504 + 240+107+ 187+240+400 = 2733 calories at least with no veg.


Oh dear dear dear dear.

So my aim is to cut down chocolate and pizza and everything...

I started off my watching you are what you eat but everyone is overweight and doesn't exercise so its not like I can really relate and anyway, its a shit money making scheme.

So, proposed plan:

Cut down to 2 weetabix with milk
1 wholemeal piece of toast

appled and pear

Lunch time
1 sandwich with cheese (wholemeal)
Token kit kat
not entirely sure what else but that won't fill me up


small pasta based something ready for taekwondo

Small meal either I make or at Darwin. NOT PIZZA but to include at least 2 vegetables.

still coffees as long as they are decaf, more water, maybe some fruitjuice?

I don't have a lot of money so I need to look at tescos and decide what I can afford. May become veggie as I don't want to compromise with cheap non-free range meat.


I need to be aware that I need at least 2500 calories, more on days I do taekwondo :)


p.s. oh and got my first chocolate craving... made apple, sultana and cinnamon...

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