Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day One: Tuesday 1st December 2009

Sorry, am back tracking slightly as I transfer all my info from one blog to another!

Day one began a day before my taekwondo black tag grading. I'd actually been practicing most days for the past two weeks but hey!

Practice - 8-10 at Fenner's gym. On my own.

  • Stretched and ran around the room to warm up, high knees, low knees, inside, outside, criss-cross, knee up!
  • Back leg stretch, front leg stretch, side leg stretch (straight legged)
  • Side stretching, knee up, extend, knee back
  • Turning kick stretching, knee up, extend, knee back
  • other Stretches like box splits, one knee bent and down etc.
  • Half turning kick, leg on punch bag
  • Left then Right
  • Right was doing the weird thing it always does so spent 15 minutes correcting it until it was normal again, still feels like its going to do it but bum out is less and less.
  • Worked on patterns 6, 7, 8 a lot to get to the styles that Pete wants, Sharp, strong movements, bigger back and sitting stances, checking hands are doing the right thing.
  • did some side kicks on wall, balancing and on punch bag.

  • did mock grading for 30/45 mins
  • cutting kick with jumping back kick
  • jump spinning back kick
  • jump spinning hook kick
  • positioned myself in the corner of the room and when down doing various moves
  • did 70 sit ups (need to do 100 :/)
  • 6, 7, 8 patterns
  • Then practiced moves of self defense, (but had no partner)
  • did some foot work exercises making sure one leg didn't meet the other.
  • Stretch down

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