Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day Nine: Wednesday 9th December 2009

So today I was hoping to take photos of my progress, but it happens that my flatmates didn't leave the house all day! Therefore leaving me with a bit of a lack of a room situation as I can't kick in my room.
But no fear, as when I woke up I realised I'm not quite used to using arms in taekwondo so its probably best to have a day off of doing it. (I forgot to say we also did lovely press ups yesterday!)

So I took this day to be the sit and reflect on other lifestyle choices I want to do each week to complement my training. Last week I looked at diet, and as an extension of this today I realised I need to have more water. I think, as I hate drinking water, its probably worth getting bottles which can track how much I'm drinking. Gonna aim to work up to a litre in the next couple of days, then 1.5., hen 2 with 3ish on the days I'm training. Also need to get back into the swing of having a nuun tablet in my water before training, these are sports tablets I used in Hungary and before I was getting horrendous cramp but it went away with these drinks so thats good. Have like 3 tablets left so need to find them again.

Then I also looked at my posture and looked into pilates classes for the new year. Posture is a big thing that needs to change generally but it is also affecting taekwondo and I don't want to do any damage. Classes once a week will cost £8 which I think is reasonable. I used to do it in physio years ago so it is definitely a good idea to begin again as she was concerned back then and I've only got worse! May look into seing if I can get some one on one on the NHS as they are waaayyy too expensive and I'm having a bit of trouble with my RSI and I want to catch it before it flails!

Finally, did 20 situps and 10 pressups just so I felt a bit more physical!

Roll on tomorrow when I shall kick things again! :D

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