Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day Six: Sunday 6th December 2009

So if we could have a title for most hardcore session, I think we would now have a winner! Sundays are always quite hardcore with Pete (our head instructor) and today with 5 guys I definitely felt the challenge.

Warm up was standard, warm arms, legs, run around room, knees behind, knees up, facing inwards, outwards, criss cross, backwards, forwards. Then 'dynamic' stretching, this means raising the leg in a back kick position 12 on each, then front position 12 each then side position. You don't bend your leg on any, keep back straight and position feet correctly for the side kick and push hips forwards. Then bend your knees and circle and then bend one leg then the other , go right down on each then into box splits. Simple!

The pad work, this goes on for around an hour and is pretty hardcore. Things include: half turning hop half turnings same leg one way, other going back. Cutting kick, back kick, slip spinning back kick, oh and the killer, 1 turning kick then 1 followed by 1, then one followed by 2 then 1 followed by two followed by three back leg, then repeat but the three are from your front leg! we did many many of these exercises.

Then we did conditioning, starting in squat position we did a front snap kick back to squat right the way down the room (or gym as I should say) then we did 30 sit up type things and then we walked across the room while on all fours doing pres ups (weird and killer!) then we did squat turning kick.

Then stretching way usual and we ended by sitting down, legs open, push hips out, then lean towards one side with someone (after being instructed how to do it safely) pushing forward on your back making you go down further.

So there ends todays session. Absolutely killer, hadn't had enough water or I think food. (maybe it was lack of carbohydrate - or because everyne else was male!) and I wasn't happy with my kicks, from tomorrow am starting my new morning hip and feet regime stretch!


New Edition to the blog of goodness: Food section:

2 Weetabix, Sultanas (one fruit)

(don't judge, I don't have a lot of food left and I want to use it up before xmas)
Mash potato with cheese and sweetcorn on riveta. (1 veg)
1 Kitkat (2 fingers)
1 glass of apple/banana juice. (1 fruit)

1 cup of coffee

apple, pear, raison cinnamon

lasagne (small portion)
2 slices white bread toast (using it up)
3 jaffa cakes.

So have begun to cut down on the sheer amount of wheat I'd have a day and got my fruit and veg for the day :D yay :D

good point to note - I had proper coffee today (instead of decaf) and yes, I still am very sensitive to caffine. Good to know!

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