Monday, 7 December 2009

Day Seven: Monday 7th December 2009

Morning! well, 9:25, thats quite good for me.
First stop, new morning regime as promised.

normal hand and feet exercises.
10 knee raises (bent knee) each leg (no hop)
this is done in front of a full length mirror to check I'm not bending over each time.
then ten with hops.
4o seconds lifting the knee up each leg.
10 knee raises placing the foot behind afterwards in stead of in front
10 leg raises (knee straight(ish))
10 behind
10 side kick (but not high as not warm)
Behend knees, feet together, circular motion.
bend knees bounce, straighten knees bounce.

exercise number one:
Turning kick
Liftleg up, move it across so its in turning kick position with the knee bent
Open out the hips, push them forwards then try and bring the knee up higher.

Number two:
Side kick
lift your knee, move it so its at right angles to your standing foot and right ables to the floor.
Don't hold the leg, but instead try to raise it higher while having your hip half open and your feet in the right shape, heel and outside part forward.

20 squats
back straight.

3+ 4: from the solo training book:
6 squat front snap kicks on the spot.
Side kick position on a chair5 chair reps, straightening bending. oh my word hard.

warm down
time is 9:55.

So that was my first half hour morning session.
On reflection, I think I need to either go for a run or book one of the uni halls in the morning because there wasn't really enough time or space to get warm. When swinging my legs I was reaching the other end of my room!
But I guess after xmas I will be getting better at these exercises and adding more so can have an hour doing it and just book a room. :)

Wow, most of the post done by 10! Ill publish it but add my meals throughout the day :)

Food diary:

2 weetabix, milk, raisons
Glass of juice.

1 square dark chocolate

sandwich , packet of crisps, kit kat

sultanas, apple, pear, cinnamon

fruit pastels (opps)

late splurg:
5 squares dark chocolate (oooppps)

so not great, think i need to either have no chocolate in the house and no money to buy from vending or have alternative snacks :)

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