Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day Two: Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Grading today,

Was Killer. 2.5. hours, there were only 4 of us he let grade, a white belt, a yellow belt and a Green belt (and me, red belt). We were split into two so I went with the green belt. It was in was in really cold squash courts so we had a rigorous warm up before the instructor announced was doing a lesson where we are graded and then seeing patterns at the end before passing or failing.

After warm up we did lines, split into two groups, the white belt adn yellow belt did simple things, me and the green more complex (with me doing more complex on my own for some, like the half diamond and dan moves) went through things like long stance, back stance, cat stance. Did all blocks strikes etc.

Then did kicks but with pads, 20 each time, in sequence, so first half turning half turning, in a sparring style so the instructor wanted to see a hop style thing after the first one which bring the back leg to the front before launching off the other. Also wanted to see the dreaded hip movements! Another was half turning followed by axe kick.

Then the kicks got more complicated, spinning hook and backs, jump spinning hooks, slip spinning turning, all with another move before, (usually a half turning). 3 of the moves I hadn't done before, 2 I managed, one and it was a bit challenging.

Then instead of sparring we had 2 minutes of footwork and kicking grading where one person held the pad and moved it to kick either too close, far away, anything and watched the other go out of breath! All the while the instructor was checking our progress and our limits.

For the poomsae, as it was black tags I was asked to do pattern 8, 7, 6 (WTF style)
He really wanted to se power and confidence so I just went for it like crazy!

Then at the end, he said I'd passed!!!I was so happy! He wasn't sure 2 weeks ago if I could grade and a week said I could try but wasn't too positive and now he passed me! More effort I've done than in my life before!

So, now, I have 100 days to get myself happier with my kicks :) oh and my instructor said he wants me to grade in May so I guess 100 days and a little bit longer!

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