Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day Four: Friday 4th December 2009

So my plan is, because of the hardcore grading, so have a couple of days off actual taekwondo as I've ripped the skin off the top of a toe and a blister on a blister on a blister. So Saturday I'm assessing my diet. Sunday I'm back to training and today I'm got my birthday presents :)

First is a double kick pad, you can kinda see it in the photograph. its on a water base and you can adjust it to any shapes, hence can practice turning kicks, side kicks (kinda) hook kicks, crescent kicks maybe some others too. I set it up and tried it out a bit but not too much.

The second is I looked at my new book, 'solo training' by Loren Christensen. This is part of 4 things I asked for for xmas and birthday. xmas I'm hoping to get a stretcher and a book about stretching recommended by my tutor.

This book sounded good as although a lot of it will not be great there will be some useful stuff. I spent an hour using highlighters and sticky labels to decide which aspects I want to try in the next months :)

Warm up 2 is good, one I think is too short. Things I want to try is front snap kick and side kick on a chair. whoop some new training ideas :)

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